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Watch Me - 1998 16.2hh Chestnut Rheinland Pfalz Saar Main Marebook Pine Tar Lady / Watchman (Vittorioso / Cyane)

Watch Me is a serious "AA" circuit competitor, she is currently showing and pinning in Green Conformations Divisions at the WEF, she has cleaned up at the Baby and Pre Greens at all "A" and "AA" rated shows winning in some of the best shows in the country earning her "Pre-Green Hunter" VHSA 4th place Year End Award.
Watch Me has a beautiful classic hunter look, she is  soft and light  in the bridle, loves a loop in the rein, is forward and easily jumps everything with honesty.  She wins or places in the hack, has a textbook front end, great rhythmic canter stride that makes it easy to find a fence and jumps with incredible scope.
This sweet mare is very uncomplicated and needs little to no prep at a show, loves her partner, aims to please and relishes attention. She loves to hack out on off days and loves to horse show.
Champion placements in the competitive Baby Green Divisions at Lexington Encore, Rosemount Spring, HITS Culpeper Winston National, Rosemount Summer, HITS Culpeper Finally.
Watch Me swept her divisions with Tri-Colors at Raleigh and Roanoke AA rated show winning the Pre Green Divisions and the Low Hunter Divisions at both show.  She had excellent ribbons at the Capital Challenge in the Pre greens.

Watch Me would be perfect for an amateur or junior who prefers the quiet  confident ride.


Redford - 2001 16.1hh Chestnut gelding Premium German Oldenburg Verband Riva Phoenix / Routinier (Rhodiamant / Inschallah / Zeus)

Redford has competed at the Baby Greens, Low Hunters and the Pre Greens at A and AA rated shows with excellent ribbons at HITS Ocala, Roanoke, HITS Culpepper, Lexington and Keswick. He is easy, willing and volunteers  to work,  he has a quiet and confident attitude with a beautiful canter. easy stride to a fence and great form in the air.

Redford is an exciting young horse with a kind willing temperament, striking good looks and tons of natural talent. His sire Routinier received two 10's and five 9's during his 100 Day Stallion Testing, is undefeated for three years running claiming the "USDF Horse of The Year Stallions 4yrs and Older" title, and has been competing at Third and Fourth Levels, schooling Prix Saint George. Rhodiamant son of the legendary Rubinstein, achieved stardom early in his career, he was Champion of his Oldenburg Stallion approvals, he has been Champion Riding Horse at Rastede, Vice Champion of his Stallion Performance Test, State Champion as a 4yr Old and 5yr old and currently competes with Lisa Wilcox Internationally at Grand Prix.

Redford was awarded Premium at his Oldenburg Inspection, the Breeding Director, Evelin Vollstedt commented on his excellent conformation, with a short back and well muscled croup, a wonderful well set neck, he is very correct in foundation, very good movement, a well balanced harmonic colt.

Redford has been started undersaddle with excellent results. He possess exceptional gaits, he carries himself in an uphill frame. He has an outstanding ground covering canter that floats over ground in a natural rhythm with wonderful self carriage. His trot is expressive with lovely cadence and suspension. Redford is comfortable to sit and his canter is a dream. He was blessed with a wonderful mind and golden temperament.

$40,000 SOLD

Fidelia - 2001 16.3hh Dark Bay Rheinland Pfalz-Saar Main Marebook filly Isella / Feiner Stern (Fabius / Avignon ll)

Fidelia is showing incredible talent and promise, she is a spectacular mover and will win any hack class in the best company. She is very quiet with a workermen like attitude, she will have no problem making the lines as her canter is steady and rhythmic with a large athletic stride that makes the jumps simple and easy to find. She is brave, with a stylish jump, wonderful with her front end, auto changes and enough scope to easily handle 3'6" and beyond. She will start at the Pre Greens this spring she would be wonderful for an amateur and very competitive for any professional divisions.

Fidelia is an exquisite daughter of Isella, and sister to GromKiev, she inherited her dam's nobility, grace and elegance. Fidelia is a tall leggy modern filly with her sire Feiner Stern's gaits and presence. Feiner Stern is an impressive 17hh bay Oldenburg Stallion who achieved 9.0 four times for his trot, canter, rideabilty, and his work ethic at his 100 Day Test at Adelheidsdorf with a score of 126.49. He has 16 licensed sons and more than 26 SPS or Elite Mare daughters passing on his expressive trot, beautiful heads and necks, and superb all around sport horses. Feiner Stern offspring have fetched prices in the 150,000 euro to 200,000 euro at the Vechta and Verden Auctions.

Fidelia's lovely conformation, expressive elastic gaits and athletic ability earned her a Premium at her inspection. Fidelia has been started under saddle and adapts wonderfully to her work with a level head and consistent focus, she shows a strong aptitude towards jumping and an easy willingness for anything asked of her. She is honest, quiet, brave, and extremely talented.


Grand Dinero - 2003 Chestnut gelding Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International Watch Me / Grandos ( Watchman / Vittorioso)

Grand Dinero is out of my phenomenal Champion Hunter mare Watch Me. We thoughtfully bred Watch Me to the wonderful Hanoverian Stallion Grandos because this pedigree would yield Grande on the top and bottom. Grande ranks in the "Eternal Top Ten German Sires" list. He is the leading "G" line sire for the Hanoverian's. The Grande progeny are abundant with jumping talent many successful at the international level of the sport. This colt will be exceptional in the hunter ring. He inherited both his dam and sires wonderful mind and disposition, possesses tons of natural athletic ability evident in his gaits and talent to jump.

Grande Dinero was presented to the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar and was awarded a Gold Premium. The inspectors were impressed by his powerful gaits, conformation and athletic ability. He will be started under saddle this spring, he is currently standing as a tall 16.2h youngster as a three year old. He shows great promise as a hunter prospect, he's a super mover, has a beautiful canter, covers the ground in big easy strides which will make it easy to find the distance to any fence and has an athletic and powerful jump. To complete the package he is very handsome, brave, extremely quiet and well mannered. Freckle could make a solid partner for a junior or an amateur rider.

DeLorean - 2003 Dark Bay gelding German Oldenburg Verband (Kari / Davignport / Fabius / Amadeus)

De Lorean is out of my lovely "Kassette" line OSB Trakehner mare Kari (hover for photo/click to go to her information). This pedigree combination has had excellent results, Champion Stallion at the young stallion approvals in Vechta in 2003, Don Kennedy combined the Trakehner blood of the Kassette mareline with the infusion of Donnerhall. De Lorean's grandsire Davignon's pedigree combines both famous stallion bloodlines of Donnerhall and Pik Bube. De Lorean was presented to the Oldenburg Verband and was awarded Premium status. Inspectors enjoyed his expressive gaits, uphill movement, balanced conformation and modern type.

Dusty will be started under saddle this spring. This young horse is a stunning bay who currently stands at 16h as a 3yr old, is very fancy with lovely suspension at the trot and would be the hack winner. His canter is rhythmic and very uphill, he is stylish and scopey to the jumps. He will make a lovely and competitive amateur riders dream come true.  (new photo soon to come)

DeSoto (SOLD/$35,000) - 2003 Dark Bay gelding German Oldenburg Verband Riva Phoenix / Davignport (Texas Fuel / Torrontes )

Recently sold, watch for DeSoto in the 4 Yr Old Classes in Wellington Florida.!

DeSoto is out of Riva Phoenix (hover for photo/click to go to her information), an incredible JC Thoroughbred mare and producer of Champion winning hunters and her sire, Texas Fuel also produced outstanding accomplished Hunters who have competed, excelled and won at the highest levels of competition at the "A" rated shows. The combination of Davignport's pedigree infused with the blood of Donnerhall and Pik Bube combined with the heritage of competitors in Riva Phoenix (hover for photo/click to go to her information) is readily apparent in DeSoto. DeSoto's soft kind expression, laid back attitude, lofty uphill trot, ground covering canter and athletic ability gained him Premium status when he was presented to the Oldenburg Verband.

DeSoto has classic hunter style and he possesses all the elements desirable to be the show winner.

DeSoto will also be started in the spring, this stunning bay floats over the ground and will be the Hack winner with the Best of the Best. He is extremely talented, well put together with a short back and powerful hind end, his uphill strides are big and easy, his front end is square and classic and his jump is round and scopey. This fancy colt is quiet, brave and very well mannered he will be a very competitive "AA" circuit prospect for a junior or an amateur rider who wants something very special and classy. (new photo soon to come)

Fabrianna - 2005 black filly Rheinland Pflaz-Saar International Kari / Fabius / Amadeus / Fabuleux / Fabriano / Augustinus xx

Fabrianna’s gift is her athletic jumping ability, lovely uphill canter and her rhythmic floating trot. She was awarded Premium by the Rheinland Pflaz-Saar inspection team. She is a kind, intelligent and quiet filly, she shows great promise as a fancy hunter prospect.

Fabrianna is out of my lovely "Kassette" line OSB Trakehner mare Kari. Fabuleux is a Class I Stallion who successfully completed his 100-Day Test in Adelheidsdorf where his exceptional scores included walk 9, trot 9, canter 10, temperament 9, rideability 9, and willingness to work 9.

Fabuleux’s sire, Fabriano, was Champion of his 100-Day Test (133.02), placing 4th in dressage (128.55) and first in jumping (132.37). According to the Hengtesbuch 2003, Fabriano scored 136 on his mare’s dressage qualities, 125 on their jumping abilities and 157 on their foundation (leg scores/correctness), making him one of the very few stallions on the Hanoverian Verband’s “Toplist” for siring both outstanding dressage and jumping qualities.

Price upon request

Pasadena - 2005 black bay filly Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International Dini / Beau Genius / Perrault / X Paparazzo / Pablo / Pilot

Pasadena has inherited her dams leggy elegance and catlike movement. She will be a tall striking filly with incredible scope and jumping ability, has a lovely uphill canter, a wonderful mind and quiet willing laid back temperment. She was awarded Premium by the Rheinland Plfaz-Saar inspection team. Pasadena will make an excellent hunter prospect, is IHF nominated and will have no problem in the bigger divisions.

Dini competed in the Junoir Hunter Divisions at rated shows earning her blues and Championship placements. This graceful daughter of Beau Genius out of British bred Acitra possesses a pedigree that is abundant with athletes and winners. Beau Genius a Grade 1 stakes winner of $1,055,600 is a Leading California Sire in 2004 and Acitra goes back to Nearctic and Nearco.

Price upon request

Phoenix - 2005 dark bay colt Rheinland Pflaz-Saar Riva Phoenix / Texas Fuel / Torrontes X Paparazzo / Pablo / Pilot

Phoenix is an exciting hunter prospect and nominated IHF. He is the complete package, stunningly fancy, beautiful face, short back, strong hind end, equipped with a round scopey jump and a big easy uphill canter, great shoulder angulations, a spectacular mover, he’s brave, very quiet and a gentlemen. He was awarded Premium and a stallion prospect by the Rheinland Pflaz-Saar.

Riva Phoenix is a kind generous mare that has been an outstanding, producing only Premium offspring. She is by Texas Fuel out of Brown Bette. Texas Fuel has produced many exceptional Hunters that have competed, excelled and won at the highest levels of competition at the "A" rated shows. Riva Phoenix was a successful Conformation Hunter before becoming a broodmare. Riva is a living testament to her heritage of competitors and athletes in her pedigree and what she produces.

SOLD $18,000 - Look for Phoenix, aka Simon, in 2006 showing on the line at Devon


On the farm photography by Jody Cilberto